About Us


What do we do?

That is simple; we offer outstanding care for your dogs, 365 days of the year from our purpose built kennels in Salisbury. We like to think of ourselves as a "Hotel for Dogs". Our fully trained, friendly team will make your dogs stay, easy, relaxing and as stress free as possible.


What do you need?

The most important thing we need from you, is to ensure your dog's have their boosters and kennel cough vaccinations up to date, they cannot stay with us if not.

The kennel cough vaccination will need to be administered three clear days prior to their stay.


We also need them to bring their suitcase of goodies, including favourite toys, treats and something that smells of home.


How does it work?

When your dog's arrive they are taken straight into one of the four compounds so they can stretch their legs and get used to the surroundings. They will then be shown to their kennel, where they can settle in to their accommodation and begin their stay!

Care For Your Dog


Feeding time!

We hold a small selection of foods in stock, but please feel free to bring their favourite food with you. We have sufficient fridge and freezer space for if your dog is on a fresh food diet.

Please call us to discuss specific dietary needs.


Need medication?

Every dog is different, that's why we understand that some may need medication to be administered. Our fully trained team will administer the medication when needed, from ear drops to veterinary prescribed doses, better yet, we do not charge extra for anything!


What if they get poorly?

Occasionally our guests can feel under the weather, so if needed, we will refer them to a veterinary clinic. We will always ask you for your vet and insurance status upon arrival, just in case. If we are unable to have your dog seen at their vet practice we will make sure they get an appointment at our preferred vets, The Vets on Exeter Street, Salisbury.

We will always contact you where needed!